Mini + Mission to Find Fuel!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our mini is here! 
I can now explore!

The car was delivered with 0 miles of gas left on the digital readout.  I am one of those that once I get the first low fuel light I'm at the station, but knowing this was the ultimate low fuel light I freaked out! As I was parking the car I was scared that it would die at any minute and I would have to solicit help with my non-existent Spanish to push it into the space. 

Okay, my worst case scenario didn't happen and I parked sans problem. 

Well still one problem, we are still out of gas.  So, D called a neighbor for a lift to the station, they were already out running errands and brought us back a bag of gas (yes to-go gas comes in a bag in Mexico), how sweet of them was that!  So mini is now filled and we have directions to the gas station - we're in business right? 

That's what we thought too. But apparently the combination of selectively marked streets in Guadalajara, street names that I (the non-Spanish speaker and navigator that day) couldn't pronounce so D (the driver) didn't understand me, and our ability to remember directions given to us the evening prior doomed our quest in finding the nearest station.

So we drove, and drove - we pretty much went on a mini tour of our part of town with a gas gauge that still read 0 miles to go. So you know I was SO calm during all of this!  Finally, after chugging up a hill, our GPS came on, it was charged and ready to send me to the nearest station - 2 miles and a couple hills away. 

Somehow, the mini made it.  I'm a little mad at its liar of a fuel gauge for making me worry so much - but that little darling of a gas conserver made it to the station and didn't leave us stranded.  Crisis averted!

Lesson learned - always know exactly where my nearest petrol station is!

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  1. ha, I could have told you about digital fuel gauges being liars. I make it a habit to test the limits of my fuel tank; in my experience you can usually get at around a gallon's worth of mileage after the readout says zero miles to empty. This is about the stupidest thing to test, and I have run out of gas once doing this, but at least my idle curiosity was satisfied.

  2. Where were you and your knowledge of those silly fuel gauges when we needed you? Neither of us knew that it would go as far as it did - and I think now D never wants to be in a car with me again when the low fuel light is on. ha.