I'm Learning

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So far, being a gringa in Guadalajara I have received an education of a different sort.  These are some of the more interesting things that I have learned/embraced/come to terms with (pick one!). 

1.  Just because it has a picture of dishes on a bag of powdered detergent does not mean it is meant for the dishwasher.

I'm google translating every package now before use.

2.  Stop signs (and lights for that matter) aren't really meant to be stopped at.  And if you do, prepare to be honked at receive the stupid foreigner glare.
And this kind gentlemen demonstrated the running of the red light for me just as I was snapping this photo!  

3.  Tuna is not always fishy.  Yes, I was a bit sketched out at first to eat a fruit called tuna.  But once I disassociated it with its swimming namesake I realized that tuna fruit is actually tasty.  (Tuna is also known as prickly pear fruit, it comes from cactus.)

4.  Putting chili on your fruit is completely socially acceptable and quite delicious.  Nom nom nom.
5.  When grocery shopping let all of your preconceived notions of grocery store layouts out the window.
Take sugar (all types) for example - back home they are all next to each other in the baking aisle, right? Well not here... refined sugar is next to the eggs and produce; regular sugar can be found next to the meat counter; and powdered sugar is next to the coffee and cake mixes.
The organizational freak in me knows that I would have a field day redesigning the grocery store layouts here - I know, that is sad and dorky all at the same time.

6.  Speaking of shelf layouts. Top shelf liquor is the same as bottom shelf liquor.  Seriously.  Instead of placing premium products at eye level, everything is given equal shelf space from top to bottom.  Talk about an equal opportunity booze distributor.
7.  The altitude here is as high as Denver.  I knew this, I really did.  But apparently I forgot this when baking cupcakes.  D is sweet, he said that they tasted like pound cake and ate them! 

8.  Topes (speed bumps) are EVERYWHERE.  It is important to slow down for these monsters if you wish not to be air born, especially when driving a mini cooper. 
9.  While speaking Spanglish worked perfectly well when D and I lived in Dallas - it doesn't quite fly here. Sad because I'm a really really good Spanglish speaker. 

10. I'm never going to be cool in Mexico because I go to bed Way. Too. Early.  My bed time is people's going out time; well maybe, depending on the night it is their dinner time.  I'm an early bird - I have worms to catch. 

This list could go on and on and on.  But those are at least the current highlights. 

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  1. I'm with you on 2 through 10. I'm only missing 1 because I haven't tried the dishwasher yet. I haven't even bought detergent for it. Now I'm scared to.

  2. After that soapy watery mess I broke down and sought out Cascade - paid premium I'm sure - but now I don't need to flood my kitchen with bubbles every time I turn the dishwasher on!

  3. Tajin on apples is awesome. Good luck finding cleaning products. Can you order that stuff on Amazon? Subscribe and save can save you money.

  4. Ya, the spicy + fruit combo has really grown on me and D both!!!!!! And yes Amazon is my friend - I'm eagerly awaiting our first order!