Crates are Closed!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Our apartment is empty, the keys are turned in, our possessions are in crates (exact location unknown),  the mini has been taken away, I'm living in a hotel - Eloise style.

And this is AMAZING!  Because packout is DONE! *happy dance*
I won't lie - there was nothing fun or enjoyable about it.  It made me cranky, sleepy, and willing to throw anything away!  No hoarders here!

And I now have a new level of appreciation for everything that my mother did growing up with all of our international moves - and she did it all with three little curious girls! How she kept her sanity, I will never know! Mom, please share your secrets!!!!

Even though our stuff just left... is it weird that I'm already looking forward to celebrating Christmas in October (ish) when the crates arrive?!?  Growing up, I loved shipment day.  Maybe I won't love it as much now since I am now the one that has to put everything thing away (Mom, feel free to come over!) but at least for the first few hours the boxes are there life will be good! 


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  1. that is so exciting! I can't wait to be done w packout! Can you believe we're all doing this!?

  2. That is awesome! Good luck!

  3. Thanks.... and I am just now starting to believe what is going on! Crazy, but exciting, I tell you!