24 Hours Left Stateside!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This time tomorrow we'll be en route to Guadalajara!  It really does not feel like that long ago when D was handed the mini Mexican flag.  And now, it's here, and real! Sweet!!!

The last week in Old Town was so lovely, seriously! Yes, a little hectic at times finishing up those last minute items - but let's not dwell on those pesky details - they are done after all!

D and I essentially had our own little farewell tour visiitng all of our favourite dining establishments and watering holes.  Majestic, Restaurant Eve, Brasserie Beck, Rustico, Murphy's Pub, Brabo, Buzz, and many walks though the aisles of Whole Foods (which I already miss!) made up our last week! Ahh-mazzee-ing! 

I know, after a week of favourite things I am ready, and seriously in need of, some lettuce and a vitamin water!  But it was well worth it -  and hey, we have already been medially cleared for this assignment- so bring on the pork belly rillette!

Okay, enough of that, back to day dreaming about arugula and zipping up that final suitcase!  Cheers!

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  1. Good luck, safe travels, see you all sometime in Guadalajara!