Wanted: New Kitchen!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I love cooking. D loves cooking. So we love kitchens. 
We are a few weeks out from our first post - and we already are somewhere on cloud 9 (or maybe 10) just thinking about our new Guadalajara kitchen. 

Word on the street is that it has cabinet and counter top space.  How luxurious. Seriously. 

Pauses. Jumps up and down. Yipiiieeee!  Resumes typing.

Because this is our current apartment kitchen.
Ya, that's all of it.  Obviously, we didn't choose our apartment for the kitchen.  We moved here almost two years ago because of the location - blocks from the metro and in Old Town - which we love!

But back to the kitchen....  you can fit two people in here - well two people that get along and don't mind butt brushing. When D and I both squeeze into it at the same time – we have this ‘cooking dance’ down.  We switch places simultaneously and shout “knife” to warn the other to not make any swift movements. We can balance a wobbling chopping block while dicing on a surface three sizes too small. And when I need more space I have been known to pipe macaroons out with my baking sheets sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor.   (I promise, the floor is clean!)

The appliances are a bit temperamental....  The dishwasher likes to fall out of the wall. Parts of the microwave enjoy crashing down on the operator's head. The oven is moody when it comes to the temperature, baking is always a gamble! And the burners have never really fit the stove so we have gotten used to and quite good at cooking with our pots on at least 20 degree angle!  Does our kitchen hate us, or what?
We are officially masters of cooking in a crappy, dangerous, and doll house sized kitchen. And are ready, and counting down, until we step foot in our new Guadalajara kitchen.  
I really don’t ask for much.  I’m just ready to no longer worry about offing D by making a swift turn with freshly sharpened chef knife (we’re newlyweds after all, we like each other!) and take my piping off of the floor and onto a table height surface! 

For more thoughts on FS kitchens....  Check out wife-mommy-woman's weekly round up this Friday! Cheers!  

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  1. Our kitchen in Arlington was the same way!

    Here the kitchen has a ton of counter space and it LOOKS like it has cabinet space, but not really :( But it's still 5 times bigger than our old one!

  2. haha – bummer that looks are deceiving! i just can’t wait to have a countertop big enough to serve as a work space. amazing! hopefully I don’t jump for joy to loudly when we get to guad and make my downstairs neighbors hate me from day one!

  3. There's no way our family could survive in that kitchen! I completely believe your desire/excitement for a new one.

  4. Your picture makes me feel good about our kitchen, which I think used to be a basement bathroom pre-remodel. Love your blog!

  5. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    I promise that one day you'll look back and have fond memories of that kitchen. Our first kitchen was so ugly that I put contact paper on the grey paneled walls to create a colorful backsplash! By the way, I love reading your blog!

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    The Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up and you’re in it. You’ve been submitted by Becky, if you want me to remove your blog from the roundup just let me know.

    You can view it here: