Stubbed Toes

Monday, July 11, 2011

Over the weekend – every one of our 1,000 square feet turned into an obstacle course.
Need to use the bathroom? Great, first side shimmy past towers of dining chairs, tip toe around piles of books and bar glassware as if they were lava, and leap over the dirty clothes bin into the bathroom – and be careful not to land right on the bathroom rug because it has been known to slip out of place.
If you can do this all without injuring yourself, you may pass go and collect 200 dollars. 
I never passed go.
Walking around the apartment Will Robinson’s robot would have had a field day, I can see him now, flailing his arms screaming DANGER K & D DANGER.  
My brand new lovely patio furniture is one of the main bruising culprits.  Yes, the patio furniture that I loved on Friday – I now curse its very existence.  I know, I know, I’ll love it again when it is on the patio (the proper place for patio furniture mind you) in Guadalajara, but for the time being (while it is in the middle of our living room) I want to send it back  - its corners are evil!
Why is our apartment so incredibly full you might ask?  Over the past few months I have been getting back all of the items that I have stored at my parents house over the years (random tables, books, Christmas décor etc…), so in addition to collecting all of my stored goods we have also been purchasing new items for our Guadalajara pad.  As a result, our DC apartment has busted at the seams.
Packers don’t come for another 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to see them. I’ll have to refrain myself from hugging them when they take away the patio furniture. 

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