D's Cupcake Request

Friday, July 01, 2011

My sister gave me a new toy. 
A cupcake plunger.

Basically, it helps you pull the middle of cupcakes out easier so you can fill them with goodness. (Homemade hostess cakes anyone… yum!)   
Well, this is how spoiled D is.  When seeing this new gadget he picks it up then looks at me and says….
This is great. See this is what you should do...  make the cupcakes, take out the middle, fill them with something, I am a fan of boston cream, and then take the part of the cupcake you took out and turn that into cake pops. No waste!
I'm glad that D and his specific requests have found a way for my cupcake baking to not produce any waste! He is always thinking. :-)

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