2 Week Notice

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The official Guadalajara countdown starts now.
Why now you ask?  So technically D and I have been counting down since Flag Day – but the past few months of counting down have been more honeymoon-esque; googling all things Mexico and dreaming about a bottomless piles of tortas, tacos, and cheladas (images like this make me want to leave right now!). But the realness of the move just went to the next level – because my two week notice is offical at work! 
I have two weeks left.  Two weeks of wrapping up projects and organizing files begin now.  Two weeks left of finding the end of the internet in the name of market research (I’m a kick butt google-er). Two more weeks left of being an analyst. Yes, I will miss the numbers, LexisNexis, and access databases.  (Stop hating - I love being a dork!)
About two years ago I dragged D up here to DC for my job.  Little did I know then that he would be paying it forward to me again and again and again!!!! 
So in my new temporary (I use temporary because I always tend to find something to get into) house wife role I am oddly curious how applicable my industry analyst skills are?  Maybe I can create a gorgeous access program that would help me forecast the quantity of Dawn bottles needed relative to the amount of dinner parties we host? Or a relational diagram of the number of hours of telenovelas watched, tacos consumed, and overall productivity?
Sadly, this kind of sounds like a fun challenge to me.
But I think I need to first work on that Spanish language thing before I can get into some telenovelas. Always a technicality.

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  1. That's pretty exciting! Do you mind me asking how the timeline went for you in regards to how fast everything happened? Basically after you got the call to an orientation class... how did it go from there?

    - Carolyn

  2. know it is! We are getting pumped!!!!

    Let me think. If I remember correctly it all went down like this…

    August or October (?) 2009 – D took FSOT
    Somewhere in there were the essays
    April 2010 – D passed orals
    May 2010 – Medical clearance
    October 2010 – D received security clearance, placed on register, received A100 offer
    Early January 2011 – D started A100 - 158th
    Late January 2011 – Flag Day (Guadalajara = sweet!)

    And basically since end of February D has been in training – so we had a good 6 months to say our goodbyes to DC and to get ready (or procrastinate getting ready) for Guadalajara (ie organizing our apartment for pack out (since we are local hires), my medical clearance, and immunization fun!) Some people have more time in training and some have less - I’m quite happy that we had a good 6 months to hang around DC!!!