Scissor Sisters

Friday, June 10, 2011

I, like many other chicas, had a single girl routine before cohabitating.

Some of my single girl behaviours included things like using my washing machine as my laundry basket, eating dessert right out of the Blue Bell ice cream carton, serving all of my meals as a picnic on my living room floor, and drinking Miller Lite. Over the past couple of years of living with D I have lost some of my single habits. 

And seriously, thank goodness the Miller Lite has been replaced by better things - blech - what was I thinking?!?  And don’t get me wrong, I do still love a living room floor picnic - but it is a lot easier to pick up the crumbs after one person than it is for two!  

But there is one habit that I have not, will not, and cannot lose. Dancing around the apartment, to something that makes my booty shake.  Cue the Scissor Sisters!

And what a thrill it was to see them live, in a whole room of people that like to do the same thing as me!  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! 

Yes, I screamed like a 13 year old girl at a Bieber concert, got a problem with that?

Okay, I’ll back up a bit and give credit where credit is due. D got me Scissor Sister tickets for my ‘bridal gift.’ Best. Bridal. Gift. Ever. Was he bribing me to walk down the aisle or what?  Well, it worked - thank you D!!!!

So, of course the Scissor Sisters were absolutely marvelous live - scandalous, pleather-clad amazingness – they put on a lively show with lots and lots of dancing.  What more could a girl ask for?  They played pretty much all of my favourites – opening up with Night Work and ending with I Don’t Feel Like Dancing! And seeing them at a venue as intimate as the 930 club – well that was just icing on the cake! 

On a side note...  I have a love affair with the 930 club, and this is one of the places that I will dearly miss while we are in Guadalajara, but I figure Scissor Sisters was a good last show to end on until we come back in two years!

It was an amazing night… and don’t tell anyone but D even had the hip sway dance going on.  I think my obsession has worn off on him. 

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