Packing Prep

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I officially started this weekend - started turning our life upside down – all in the name of packing!
It might seem a bit early since is still another month until the movers come to take our things away, and I’m only organizing two people’s things. But this isn’t my first rodeo – I grew up as an oil brat so to me it seems oddly natural to separate my life into piles and I can truly appreciate the importance of not moving or storing ‘junk’.  So, this is the mission I am on. 

*Side note - Did I ever mention how happy I am to kiss U-Haul renting, scavenging used boxes from the liqueur store, and hauling furniture myself goodbye? I have moved almost every year since I came back stateside for college – 4 states, 7 apartments in 9 years! Can I get an ALLELUIA - seriously!!!
As a result of my weekend organization wrath… my once beautiful dining room is now some seriously organized (hmm… okay more like pseudo organized) chaos – surface shipment style.  (I know, wrong term - another repercussion of my oil brat days is that  I still can’t break the habit of saying air shipment and surface shipment, one of these moves I will begin to use the standard state department vocab– HHE and UAB – that is them, right?)

My sun room has turned into an air shipment staging area.  Kind of sparse at the moment – just a TV, xbox, and cupcake baking tools - the essentials, right?

My closet is no longer colour coded – it is now grouped into two bunches air shipment/luggage and surface shipment. 
I’m done with my Guadalajara shopping list.  D is quite happy about this.
And even scarier is that one suitcase is already packed to the brim!  I know, it will be unpacked and repacked umpteen times before our actual departure – but progress is progress!
So, I’ll be ready eventually.  But until then – I can kiss cleanliness + organization goodbye at our casa – and hellooo piles!

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