New Old Town Pub!

Monday, June 27, 2011

If you haven’t already realized I love living in Old Town Alexandria– and if I can prevent it, I don’t leave Old Town for anything other than work.  D makes fun of me, but it’s true - I LOVE my Old Town bubble – hence why half of my pre- Guadalajara bucket list is Old Town based!

My shoes on the other hand, hate old town.  Cobblestone streets, while adorable, enjoy eating my shoes - Target, Kate Spade, Nine West, it doesn't matter, the streets of Old Town are an equal opportunity eater. 

Back to my Old Town bubble... I love it becuase there are a ton of amazing restaurants + shops (including shops to buy new shoes) all a skip away from my apartment; and now a new gastropub – Cathal Armstrong’s (the mastermind behind Restaurant Eve, Majestic, and PX) latest King Street installment – an Irish pub (with vintage arcade games!) – Virtue, Feed & Grain (VFG).
D + I finally got the chance to check it out last week. And, small world that it is, one of my freshman year friends from boarding school (LAS shout out!) lives in Old Town too and was pumped about checking out VFG as well! So, we met up for the first time in years  (has it really been that long - now I feel old!) and enjoyed some great food, drink, and catching up!
VFG has a yummy selection of on tap beers; Ballast Point’s Big Eye IPA + Bear Creek IPA = happy me.  (Can you tell? I was in a seriously hoppy beer mood that night!) Their bottle beer selection was fairly average for a pub, but that didn't matter since I generally tend stick with draft anyways!  
And the food, great pub grub.  Appetizer of roasted bone marrow (okay so D + I were obviously feeling a bit decadent) and roasted chicken and corned beef dinners. They also specialize in other items like… pigs in a blanket, ham mac and cheese, crubeens (pig’s feet), and shagger’s (shepherd's) pie – D + I plan to check these dishes out the next time.  Okay, now my mouth is seriously watering – and I just ate!
Yes, we're going back. I’m thinking it will be a great place to celebrate when our life is all boxed up!!!  Cheers!

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