Cocktail Greatness @ PX

Monday, June 20, 2011

There is a bar in old town called PX – a speakeasy.  I have always wanted to check this place out but just never found the time to go.  You know how that goes!  So, with us getting ready to skip the country and trying to mark things off of our DC bucket list we finally went - for my birthday!

PX hides above one of my favourite guilty pleasures - the fish ‘n chips joint on King Street (Eamonn’s).  There is no sign, just a pirate flag flown and a blue lamp turned on to mark when it is open.  To get in - you ring the doorbell, wait, then someone will slide open the slot in the door, peek out, and open the door to let you in and show you upstairs to the bar area. 

The bar screams prohibition era with black out curtains and dark wood accents + floors.  But fortunately the similarities stop there.  I do not think that the cocktails served in the 1920s were quite as glamorous as Todd Thrasher's (PX's mixologist) creations, and the quality most certainly was not!  But I did enjoy my make believe prohibition scene, and raising a glass to the 21st amendment - cheers buddy!  

They are known for their cocktails - lovingly (seriously!) made using their house made bitters, tonics, and syrups. Who does that anymore?  I love it!

On the cocktail front.... care for a Norfolk Dumpling anyone?  Yes, this is a cocktail.  D ordered this – the ingredients that took center stage were the duck sauce tonic water (yes, you read that correctly!) and the shrimp cracker garnish.  This drink smelled like duck sauce + Chinese takeout – but tasted refreshing and gingery.  (Because of this beverage on the entire walk home all I could talk about was how I really wanted a dumpling – D, being the sweet guy he is, made me some amazing homemade dumplings the next day!!!)  

Other drinks to note include… 
The Ian Fleming – a gin, vodka, bitters + sauvignon blanc creation with flavours of fresh thyme + marjoram. 

The anti strawberry drink….  House made strawberry goodness +  Woodford Reserve.  I enjoy bourbon, so yes, I did feel very guilty ordering Woodford Reserve in a mixed beverage form – but after my first sip my guilt immediately vanished – girly, sweet, and smooth, this drink was a truly amazing combination!

And the last drink - the name has escaped me - was a mixture of dark rum, jasmine honey + honeysuckle.  If I can ever figure out how to make this – or where on earth to get honeysuckle without painstakingly taking apart flowers and extracting it drop by drop – I’m thinking this would be the BEST summer weather cocktail.  EVER.

PX was amazing.  And I’m not quite yet ready to mark this off my DC bucket list yet.  I think I just need one more trip there before we leave!  J 

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  1. awww! Y'all looks so cute! I've always wanted to go to!! I'm glad y'all figured out when to go!

  2. Ok, you party animals, I've saved you the trouble and found the listings for the best restaurants in Guadalajara; we expect a full report!

    -Nick L.