Breakfast Interrupted

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I love breakfast food.  I was actually daydreaming about an Egg + BLT sandwich with a slice of mashed avocado and Tabasco mayo on my metro ride in this morning – oh and don’t forget the side of roasted potatoes.  (Yes, my daydreams can be quite specific at times.)
Needless to say seeing Breakfast Interrupted first thing this morning did not help me forget about my dream breakfast sandwich.  All I could think was – did they salvage that piece of bacon? – I mean a little coffee and maple syrup never hurt anything, right?  I’m not so sure I could do this to my dream breakfast – but I certainly did enjoy watching someone else do it!
So, while I continue daydreaming about my perfect breakfast, I’ll leave you with some Breakfast Interrupted.  But, CAUTION this will inspire you to make a brunch date, hopefully one with a stable table. Enjoy.

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