Take me out to the… Soccer Arena

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I saw my first professional soccer game yesterday –
They won.  Go team go.   
I wanted to like it, I really did – you know, like in the way that some people (including myself) can really enjoy attending certain sports that they aren’t that into on a regular basis (cough baseball cough) because of the awesome atmosphere! (Side note -  All joking aside, I do really love going to the ballpark – hot dog, brews, and the excitement of the homerun – bring it on!)
Well, this game wasn’t quite that way.  Let’s just say that it lacked the stereotypical soccer atmosphere from my dreams.  I know, I shouldn’t generalize - maybe this Wednesday night’s crowd isn’t indicative of a typical game – hey everyone has an off night, I understand! 

But still, where were the DC Fans?  I think the ratio of DC United to Seattle Sounders fans was about 3:2 – bummer for the home team!  And  the emptiness that was the stadium made me want to give all of the players a high 5 after – I mean, the crowd was small enough that I’m sure we could have gotten through a round of ‘good game’ handshakes in under 15 minutes. 
Okay, so no, this wasn’t my optimal first soccer experience. And, don't be concerned, by no means am I ruling out future soccer games!  (Just Wednesday night games in DC!)
I have no doubt that the Estadio Jalisco in Guadalajara doesn’t have a problem pulling in a crowd to see the Chivas play! So, for now I’m going to wait for the real soccer atmosphere – I’m holing out for the football action of the Guadalajara goats!  Ole! Ole!

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