Ode to BBQ

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I really miss southern BBQ.

I miss Alabama’s Dreamland BBQ (finger licking ribs served with wonder bread) and Full Moon BBQ (pulled pork sammies with chow chow relish), and there are days that I would love a slice of brisket done right at Louie Mueller’s in Texas. 

Okay, enough of this listing my favorite things BBQ edition, my mouth is watering thinking about all of this and it is not even 10 in the morning.

So, I know, Virginia is part of the south; but inside of the DC area I have not found BBQ.  In all honesty I haven’t tried that hard – after eating a couple over sauced subpar versions of smoked meat then I pretty much gave up my hunt.

Until last night…  I had heard of this new BBQ joint that opened between China Town and Archives – Hill Country BBQ – a Texas BBQ joint – and in DC?!?? 

Verdict: It was amazing. And don’t you worry I ate enough of it to make up for the past year and half of being in DC and BBQ-less. Unfortunately I was too busy devouring my food so I forgot to take any snapshots of the amazing meat with its perfectly pink rings, so I have borrowed these from the restaurant’s site.

We had a bit of everything.  My favorites were the pork ribs and the brisket – I think D’s was the beef ribs.  The sides did not disappoint either – I haven’t had Texas Caviar (essentially a black eyed pea salad) in a long time! 

And the desert – two words: Blue Bell.  Having a cone of Blue Bell Ice Creamy Goodness made my night!  This might be the one thing that President GW and I have in common.  Our obsession with Blue Bell.  Actually, both Bush Presidents had Blue Bell shipped from Texas to the White House.  I wish I had that kind of pull!  Oh..  and the sweet potato bread puddin' with whiskey sauce that D had - wasn't half bad either!  :)

I’m pretty happy that there is hope for the DC BBQ scene. 

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  1. OMG Rachel was just telling me about this place last night!

  2. there's a Hill Country in NYC but I had NO idea they had blue bell or I would've gone ages ago. OMG! I don't know what makes that ice cream so ridiculously good...