I’m shopping – Watch Out

Monday, May 16, 2011

I have been on a mission lately.  To try to finish all of my Guadalajara shipment shopping so I can enjoy the rest of my summer! 
I’m wondering if J Crew will send me a thank you card for single handedly boosting their 2Q sales?  Well, if they don’t at least the Monthly Annual Trade Report should add a footnote shout-out to me in their next edition.  I mean, that would be polite and all. 

So, I’m not a big shopper in the first place, ask D. I’m the type that I know what I want, get it, and leave. The only store I find myself browsing in would be Whole Foods – who doesn’t, I mean their beer aisle alone warrants at least an hour of perusing time!  

So, back to the shipment shopping.  I have a serious list – with items, quantity, and estimated cost.   D laughs at it, but I’m frightened by it - frightened by the sheer fact that I have turned into my parents with their annual shipment shopping lists.  (To my dear parental units… no hard feelings! Your shipment lists will always be a conversation piece!)

I think I’m about half way done.  Well sorta. 
Still to track down are: new suitcases (because Ghana Must Go Bags just don’t quite cut it for long haul flights), a GPS with Snoop Dogg’s voice (so my mini and me will not spend our first few weeks stuck on a roundabout – or if we are stuck at least it will be in style with D-O-Double G talking us through), TV speakers, a vacuum that sucks, and various products that I refuse to part with (*cough*traderjoespenutbutter*cough*).  
I know, this first time around in a learning process.  But I’m getting a bit tired of shopping already!  Maybe I’ll take a break and go to Whole Foods.  Sounds good to me.  Cheers!

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  1. Oh the infamous spread sheets! LOVE the organization! :)

  2. I think it's cute that you put your car in a sentence that indicates you will see it shortly after arrival. LOL.

  3. Mush - You know my family doesn't function without a xls doc! Think of my wedding weekend - how could we have ever known who was supposed to be sleeping where each night! :)

    Aaron - Haha, great! Okay, so my GPS and I will walk everywhere then - might get some odd looks that way, but that's okay! :)