Hello Swiss Soil

Monday, May 16, 2011

Okay, so no, I wasn’t technically in good ‘ole Switzerland, but as close as I’m going to get here in DC.  Hello Swiss Embassy.   

No, I don’t just randomly go knocking on embassy doors in my spare time.   I was there with an invite, I promise! The Swiss Embassy was kind enough to host an alumni event for my high school (Leysin American School aka LAS) at the ambassador’s residence.

To clear a few things up - yes, I did go to boarding school in Switzerland - but no, I wasn’t a problem child forced to leave home at fourteen to teach me a lesson! (Right Mom?!?)  Just your average 'oil brat' (akin to foreign service brats, aramco brats, and military brats) in need of an American school system to get my 'learn on' with other third culture kids

In DC, there are a handful of people I know from LAS – but of course, grown up life kicks in and Google Calendars always fill up faster than we want them to – so we have all never actually been able to catch up in person!  So, this was great getting to see everyone once again! And also, a motivator to keep in touch and plan mini get-togethers in the near future! 

Not only was catching up with friends an amazing time. But… the Swiss Embassy made my day when I walked into the room and all I could smell was raclette!  Cheesey, broiled goodness on a bed of potatoes, pearl onions, and bread – oh how I have missed you!  (D also lived in Switzerland for some time well before we met, oddly enough he was there at the same time I was, just at the bottom of the mountain that I lived on - so, he was on cloud nine in a room that reeked of cheese!)

One of the gentlemen from the Swiss Embassy informed me that the ambassador loves raclette, but hates how the smell lingers for days at his house.  Luckily the ambassador was called away this weekend so we could enjoy our raclette with plenty of time for the residence to air out before he returned!  Maybe I should send him a can of Febreze, I mean, it does work wonders! 

D and I enjoyed, very much so, our cheese – so much so we both indulged on two helpings.  Probably could have found room for a third – but alas there was socializing to be done! 

After this weekend, and reminiscing about Switzerland, I need to start plotting ways to get back.  D’s new Spanish skills will help him get posted there, right?  Mayble I'll just add some French flicks to our Netflix list - subtle, right? Okay, back to day dreaming!

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  1. Hilary WentworthMay 16, 2011

    Yay LAS reunion! It was great seeing you! A great time to reminisce. But I'm had the same problem explaining that it's not THAT weird to go to Swiss boarding school!

  2. Mmmm! Raclette! Not as awesome as rosti paysan and a meringue with creme double! MMmmm!!!!

    Who all was there from our time? Did you feel old? At the one in NYC we had Kenan, Daniel (Korolev), Harika, and Masa. What's the news from your class?

    I think here in London Yurter and Wonny are around. Should definitely meet up more!