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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Volunteering @ Walk for the Cure all weekend + Pinback concert @ Black Cat = Need for a day off to recoup. 
And recoup I did yesterday! 
My friend Carrie (shout out!) came down for the weekend (from my old undergrad stomping ground - Pittsburgh) to volunteer with me @ the Walk.  She is a seasoned vet at this – I was along for the ride! 
Overall, we had a great time – complete with scratchy throats from cheering on walkers, sunburns on ears and hands (oops – missed a spot!), and a new found hatred for carrying cases of water and unnecessarily heavy folding tables that belonged in a church basement in 1973!   But it was all worth it by the weekend’s end - this year’s DC walk raised over $5 million for breast cancer research - exciting!!!  Save the boobs! 
Even though it was on a weekend that was already busy – I couldn’t say no to catching Pinback one last time before heading south of the border! While I’m never a fan of their opening acts (this year a heavy metal string duo, hmmm, not my cup of tea, but D did enjoy it) - Pinback was amazing – the best out of any of the three times that D and I have seen them!  (Yes, we like them that much!)
If you don’t know Pinback already, I’m going to take a minute to shamelessly plug them.  They are an indie rock duo from San Diego – okay, so I’m awful at plugging them - they are one of those bands that are hard to describe because they are not quite relatable to anyone else.  I’ll just let you decide for yourself.  This is one of my favorites. 
Fortress by Pinback

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