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Monday, May 09, 2011

D + I ventured out to the great outdoors.  We camped on Assateague Island, Maryland
Yes, I crossed the state line, and I survived!  (For those of you that don’t know me that well – I don’t usually drive outside of my VA/DC bubble – MD just seems so far away!)
Assategue is only a 3ish hour drive away from our Alexandria stomping grounds.  And, as I have learned, well worth crossing the state line for! 
If you don’t know much about Assateague (I didn’t before planning this trip) it is a 37 mile long barrier island off of Maryland and Virginia. The entire island is a nature reserve/ state park and is most famous for being home to wild horses (sadly we did not see them, only heard their ‘neighs’ from a distance in the evening!). 
Our camp site was one sand dune away from the beach.  Yes, it is still a bit early for beach season, and yes, the water left our toes painfully numb. But who cared, the sun was shining, the sand was under our feet, and a hot shower was only a stone throw away.  (Yes, I said hot shower.  I know, you say “Camping and hot shower - what?”  Well, sign me up!)
The main reason for us heading to Assetegue was because D likes to fish. And me, well not so much, it is something about the ‘patience’ aspect that doesn’t quite do it for me. 
D was on cloud 9 surf fishing!  And, while I’m usually not that excited to hang out while he fishes, I can fully get behind him surf fishing. Unlike placid lakes I don’t have to be quiet!  The view is great!  And even some dolphins showed up and entertained us while we waited for the fish!    
No, he didn’t catch anything this go round. (I think this was just a practice run for future surf fishing in Mexico!)  But that is okay, we weren’t relying on the fish cooperating and biting for our dinner.  We had back up steaks from The Butcher’s Block in our cooler.  (Talk about roughing it cuisine!) After a campfire steak supper – it was to bed for us. 
As far as camping goes, Assateague was amazing – and I know that D is itching to get back to do some more fishing!
Some More Camping Snaps:

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