We Bocce’ed

Monday, April 25, 2011

A bit of a non timely recap on Bocce Game numero uno (I know – what killer Spanish skills I have, Guadalajara won’t know what hit it!) – okay, back to bocce… 
Team Veni Vidi Bocce…. Well… we did play, and we did see… but we did not conquer!  
Meh – there is always next week!!!  At least we scoped out our future competition and took in the lay of the land – the very rocky land (seriously, the field we are playing in conveniently has some built in obstacles!) 
Takeaways from week one:
-      I don’t have to be the team cheerleader/water girl anymore!  I actually managed to lob some balls a respectable distance away from the pallino.  (Stay tuned next week to see if I have downgraded myself to water girl once again!)

-      Playing bocce on an incline…  well not so easy!  (Our throws are just too powerful! – That sounds like a good excuse… right?)

-      Bocce games are a lot of fun… I’m not sure why D and I didn’t do this sooner!

-      Final takeaway, debatably the most important,  $10 pitchers of Peroni make any game (win or lose) worthwhile
Bring it Week 2!

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  1. your blog is so pretty! and I love the colorful t-shirts!