Dance Fever

Friday, April 08, 2011

I have a serious new obsession. 
Luckily, it is not as bad for my health as cupcakes, cookies, or fro yo. (I know, I know – I have a sweet tooth.) It is actually quite the opposite – or at least I have convinced myself that it is a ‘healthy’ obsession – oxymoron, I know.  
I’m addicted to Dance Central on kinect! I was already captivated by our new toy - but this game just took my love for it to a new level. 
Don’t be fooled - by no means am I a great dancer - but when the characters tell me that my moves are ‘dope’ I can’t help but to brush my shoulders off, say I know I’m fly, and wonder if I should skip town and become a back up dancer for Lady Gaga.  And then D walks into the living room, chuckles (politely nonetheless), and back to reality I fall. 
I wonder if I pull these new moves out at the next 930 club dance party if they will fly…   mmm yeah…  that’s what I thought too, I’ll keep them on my living room floor!  At least for now… 

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