Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I might have forgotten to go see the cherry blossoms or the parade this weekend – oops – but, have no fear, the cherry blossom festivities were not lost on me.  I discovered a new beverage this season that, in some way shape or form, pays tribute to the trees. 
“I didn’t cut down the #$%&ing Cherry Tree!” @ Majestic in Old Town. 
Yes, that is the name (Trust me; I can’t make clever stuff up like that on one cup of coffee!).  And no, I wasn't able to go for the gold and say the entire name @ Majestic. 
Think of a Manhattan; now picture its modern, in the know, culinarily curious, younger sister.   Unfortunately, the recipe is Majestic's top secret, but fortunately I'm up for experimenting – taste testers wanted!!!
If you aren’t into cocktails – don’t worry I have something else for you – also found @ Majestic.  Lagunita’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (no, I am not making that name up either!).  Big hoppy aroma, deep brown colour, chocolaty notes.  The beer’s name is actually a follow up to the brewery’s 2009 Correction Ale - this year’s 2010 release was originally supposed to be named ‘Recovery Ale,’ but the brewery found that ‘Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale’ ale worked better for the state of 2010. Hopefully they will choose to use ‘Recovery Ale’ for their 2011 brew! It is a limited release, but word on the street (aka our Majestic bartender) is that Whole Foods + Total Wine have a supply of it in the DC area.  Now if only D and I can figure out how to brew this one! 


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  1. Kristin -
    we love the blog! Enjoyed the cocktail adventure as we have somewhat recently gotten into Manhattans and Martinis to complement our old reliable GTs and Margaritas. Come to think of it, last night Kathy made Mojitos from scratch; yum, just the thing after a longish run. We are looking forward to drinking Belgian beer with you and Dave, hopefully until we are all speaking fluent Flemish.

  2. Yum! I take it he mojito helped to soothe tired muscles! And yes, Dave and I do like beer, and are interested in learning Flemish! Sounds like a plan! :) Cheers!