Bocce 101

Monday, April 04, 2011

This weekend we had an official bocce team practice – yes, a practice.  (Note -  the word practice and excuse to eat burgers, brats, and drink beer can be used interchangeably for the purposes of this and future blog entries!) After waiting out the baby hail storm, yes, we are that hardcore – it was game on! 
Things that I learned in practice…
  • -         - Divots stink - But they are good to blame all of my bad lobs on!
-          - I am not one of the team ringers - Is the cheerleader role open?
          -  Measuring ball distances with my short legs is not the smartest idea on wet ground

     -  I cannot do the splits (reference aforementioned wet ground + short leg lesson learned)– Okay, forget that cheerleader role! Is the water girl role at least open?
Okay, I know, I’m not quite ready for an Olympic team – but I now have just one more thing in common with Galileo, George Washington, Henry VIII (hmm, maybe I shouldn't brag about that one), and da Vinci! I wonder if they ever tried to measure ball distances by accidentally doing the splits too?

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