Work Set List

Friday, March 18, 2011

One think I love about my current gig is that I have a lot of research projects (aka finding the end of the internet and then attempting to organize it).  I know, research and data crunching makes most let out a serious YAWWNNN (watch out dork alert) but I rather enjoy zoning out into my own little world: me + google + tunes.  Today has been one of those days that requires some serious headphone induced focusing - maybe the 75 degree weather spring fever I have has something to do with me needing an extra kick in the butt! Regardless of the reason – I have enjoyed today’s line up! Welcome to the inside of my ipod:

Ebene Quartet – Pulp Fiction
And their latest album (Fiction) is nothing short of awesomeness – seriously!

Grouplove – Colours
I’m loving this – they just came out with their first EP

Prototypes- Who’s Gonna Sing

GOASTT – Jardin du Luxenbourg

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