Weekend Yet?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

After being poked and prodded this week (thank you, medical clearance) I’m really looking forward to the weekend and any happy hours that it may bring!!! It was a bit eerie to me how the doc was able to stalk me via my lab results…

Doctor:  Did you eat a lot of sweets the evening before you came in?
Me: Well, cupcakes.
Doctor: Cupcakes?
Me:  Yes, plural.

 Well, someone had to finish off the last few spoonfuls of pistachio butter cream, and those guiness cupcakes were going to go bad if I didn’t take one for the team (you are quite welcome D!).

Note to self: Learn how to make one cupcake and not 2 dozen next time… or post craigslist ad for cupcake tasting interns.

So, needsless to say I am looking forward to the weekend - much is planed but especially excited for seeing Asobi Seksu! They are shoe-gazer, dream pop, and fun.  (Then again, whenever your band name translates into English as casual sex you might be expected to be ‘fun’). It should be good – I’ll leave you with a goodie from their new album (don’t worry, despite their name, they aren't risqué - SFW!)

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  1. I JUST got my clearance email today. Between getting the clearance and vaccines, I think I'm done with needles for a while. (Seriously, don't you think it's weird that I got vaccinated for rabies before my dog did? How is that ok?)