Spanish 101

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I was never that into learning languages – in school I took extra calc and science classes (I know, weird) and the bare minimum of languages. Right now, I’m about week one into learning this Spanish stuff – while it is going much better than before – D and I are still having some good laughs thanks to yours truly’s  awesome new skills.
Things I have learned so far…
1)      I need to be careful when ordering tacos. To order a taco one does not say Te quiero taco.  I always thought that is what the Taco Bell dog said!  Apparently, if I say I love you taco, the word loco (and not a taco) might follow.
2)      My French isn’t as rusty as I thought. When I use numbers in conversation my brain automatically goes to French.  I didn’t realize it at all when I was talking to D – he kept saying que? and I kept repeating the same French numbers back.  I laughed so hard when he told me what I was doing I almost cried.
3)      I know Italian. When I try to form some sentences and fill in words that sound like they should be there (so maybe adding an a sound here and an o sound there isn’t the best idea) it comes out as Italian.  I don’t know Italian – I have never lived in Italy – but when I mash my knowledge of English, French, and limited Spanish I am apparently equip to get by in Rome.  Sweet!  Next post maybe?  Keep dreaming, I know!

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