An Excuse to Celebrate!

Monday, March 28, 2011

This weekend = loud, nom nom, celebrate + kinect. 
It was D’s birthday weekend – I love it when birthdays fall on the weekend! 
As previously mentioned we were going to see Asobi Seksu w/ The Cults (btw opening act is worth investigating) @ Rock & Roll Hotel.   Asobi Seksu was much fun – even though I think that all of us were partially deaf after (does my need for earplugs mean am I getting too old for this?) - at least it was nowhere near the level of ear popping madness that was My Bloody Valentine a few years ago. I forgot how much I like going to R&R hotel – how can you beat live music followed by a dance party upstairs?  Sign me up!!!!
For D’s official birthday we went to Brasserie Beck – what man can deny amazing beer + cassoulet on his birthday?  I think they had him at duck leg confit – and the pork trotter was just icing on the cake.  It was amazing – but I think our arteries are still functioning at less than peak capacity a few days later!  (Yes, once they recover I’m ready to do it again – oh the things we do in the name of pork!)
The final touch of marvelousness on this weekend was the addition of the kinect to our living room.  A video game that I can actually beat D at – yes, sign me up! User beware, the evil little device takes pictures of you during the game – this should not be allowed – pictures of us jumping over logs and side stepping invisible obstacles in our living room would make any voyeur question our sanity!   

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