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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I find myself these days making a DC bucket list.  There is so much I want to do (well, and eat) before we head south to Guadalajara! 
Lately, I have been religiously scouring new concert listings to make sure I can get my fix of shows!  I already have tickets for Scissor Sisters, Asobi Seksu, and Pinback!!!  D and I are both pretty into music – we love shows, the 930 club (who doesn’t!), and we both are going to miss having a plethora of amazing shows at our constant disposal!  At least we will still have NPR Music to keep us connected – now, I guess it is time to find the indie mariachi band scene in Guadalajara!  Bring it on! 
Trying to narrow down my top restaurants to visit/revisit has been a challenge (Food & Wine’s 2011 best new chef nominations, with 4 chefs in the metro area, have not helped this process at all!!!)  And… how can I forget about the list of obscure meals with specialty ingredients I have that I want to cook – ahhh Whole Foods I will miss you, and your specialty beer aisle too! 
I am excited about my bucket list, wondering how much I will actually get to this go round – and also excited about making a whole new DC bucket list every few years before our next pit stop!  Cheers!

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  1. Funnily enough, tex-mex food is the ONE thing we figured we won't find in Manila at all. So we're getting our fix of that here! (I also think no Brazilian BBQ, but I'll get my fix when I stop by in Brazil pre-trip.)

    Also trying to avoid Asian food for now, since, duh, we'll get plenty of it for the next two years!

  2. I'll eat the tacos for you - and you can eat the lumpia for me! (Can't help you our the the BBQ front though!!!)

  3. Sounds cool! I caught Interpol and School of Seven Bells last week in NYC; it's nice to see we have somewhat similar taste.

  4. Would love to see School of Seven Bells live - it doesn't look like they are coming through here any time soon - I'm sure that was a good time! :)